Ligurian beautiful villages

Hiking Beauty (Esplorando la Bellezza).

Il rumore dei passi sui ciotoli
al mattino presto.
I panni gonfi di vento.
Graziosi minuscoli cortili.
Il gelsomino caparbio
aggrappato a muri di pietra antica.
I colori sfacciati delle case.
Le illusioni dipinte sulla porta di ingresso.
Gli orti.
Gli ulivi.

In a typical ligurian landscape, Lavaggiorosso is a beautiful medieval village tenaciously clinging to an hill surrounded with olive groves terracements.
Its houses are brightly colored, the house front doors are trompe l’oeil painted. In its narrow streets cars are not allowed and this this makes it a very peaceful and quiet place.
A visit would still be recommended, but a stay for a few days will make you better appreciate the magic of this timeless place.
If you come by car you can unload luggage near our house (30 meters) but then you’ll have to leave it in a free parking 200 meters down.